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Everything is here – Only Make Connections

on August 8, 2012

“ Only make connections”  ~ Goethe

Everything we need on Earth is all there. It’s just that we are not connected to it.

This was one of the premises on which the global gathering was called.

Pastor James Wuye, was speaking with Arun on the day before he was to head back to Nigeria. He mentioned the need in Nigeria to proliferate the Moringa Oleifera Tree (see This  tree is also called the Miracle Tree in Africa.

It is known to cure 300 ailments.

Back home in Pune, India, I discovered that very few people new about the amazing nutritional  and healing qualities of this tree. We have one growing right outside our office at Pragati Leadership. It evokes little interest.

Thanks  to the conversation with  Pastor James, the following ripple effects have begun:

  • 200 people in Roha, a small town close to  the coast of Arabian Sea, where Sudarshan Chemicals have their plant, have been exposed to this tree. They have pledged to plant a 100 trees in the area where only one Drumstick tree grows today. Teachers in a local school were exposed to this miraculous tree
  • Our whole team at Pragati Leadership has been exposed. Yesterday, we had raw Moringa leaves as a salad. Today we had  three dishes for lunch : Stir fried leaves, A delicious Moringa Puree with potatoes and a Chutney with tomatoes.
  • Indu Capoor of Chetna , Pragati Foundation and Project Concern India are looking at joining hands to work with the backward and marginalized communities 56 blocks in eight districts in Bihar (a state in India), to mobilize them through the vehicle of women’s self help groups for changed social norms leading to positive family health outcomes.  We intend to work together to pilot low cost, self sustaining initiatives like growing the  Moringa tree extensively. Planting and tending trees are things agricultural communities in Bihar relate to naturally.
  • Arun will connect Pastor James Movel Wuye to Deepak Suchade, an agricultural genius in India  who practices Natueco Farming. He can  grow rice without immersing a field in water  (and get a yield of 4tonnes per acre, twice the  normal yield. Deepak and his team will help James and his team grow Moringa productively in Nigeria.
  • Excited about this possibility is Vimal Wakhlu, Chairman and Managing Director of TCIL India. They beam educational programmes into 44 countries in Africa .

    This is just one tiny “ripple effect” of our meeting. There will be many more. Joy keeps expanding playfully!


3 responses to “Everything is here – Only Make Connections

  1. That is lovely…I’ve loved Moringa but never knew it grew in India. Another “magic” herb I recently discovered was a weed called “luni ni bhaji” – known in English as the garden purslane. Unfortunately only the locals know about the amazing benefits of this weed – that it has more Omega-3 than any other vegetable plant. I could myself substitute it for omega-3 capsules. The origin of this plant is India.
    Hope connections get made. All the best.

    • Dear Deepti,

      Thanks for your sharing. Delighted to be in touch with you.
      Ever since you mentioned the Purslane , I have been looking out for it here in Pune. It is sold in the Mandai in the older parts of Pune. I am amazed at how knowledge of treasures like Moringa and Purslane(and so many more indigenous plants) fades away from the collective mind, especially in cities.

      The sabzi wallah doesn’t find it profitable to sell Moringa leaves or Luni ni Bhaji, because it is so freely available. And so the vegetable buyer misses!

      The best things in life are free. That’s why the busy ,rushing, over taxed minds of city dwellers often miss them!

      • I’m glad…usually you fixed purslane growing “rampantly” at the edge of farms and abandoned patches…you just need to be ablento detect it. Also there is 0 maintenance to grow it in a pot in a tiny terrace.
        Love n gratitude.

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